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Friday, July 15, 2011

Seduced by Her Highland Warrior by Michelle Willingham

Title:         Seduced by Her Highland Warrior
SubTitle:   The MacKinloch Clan Highlan
Publisher:  Harlequin
Imprint:     Harlequin Historical
Pub Date:  07/26/2011
ISBN:       9780373296545
Author:      Michelle Willingham

Book Description:

The MacKinloch Clan Highland warriors prepared to fight fiercely for their country...and for love


Alex MacKinloch is chief of his clan and, in these dark times of unrest, he has united his people. The void between him and his wife is proving a much harder challenge. When Alex discovers Laren has been keeping secrets from him, his thinly veiled frustration can no longer be contained.

The pleasures of the marital bed seem long forgotten to Laren. Yet her warrior husband is looking at her with increasingly hungry eyes... This powerful highlander has seduction on his mind and his wife in his sights!

My Review:

This is a story about a marriage couple who want to save their marriage that has fallen apart. Alex and Laren used to be a loving couple. Despite Alex is a son of the chief while Laren's poor family background, Alex has chosen Laren as his wife for his love for her is so strong. However since their son died 3 years ago, they have not been talking to each other much and started to drift apart. They spent their own time to put away the pain instead of giving support to each other. However deep inside they still love each other very much.

Both Alex and Laren are aware that their marriage has fallen apart. And I'm glad that Alex has started the move try to improve the situation. While it is a bit frustrating to read that they are not talking, and always assume they are doing the best for the other, but isn't this is the common mistake that we are making nowadays? Despite the scene is historical, but this is a realistic fiction story. Proud husband that does not wish the wife to see his pain; timid wife who does not wish to add burden to the husband who has so much to handle; these are common things that can happen to any of the family. Why is it so difficult to talk? Why make a couple can't be honest to each other?

While they are trying hard to save their marriage, being a chief Alex also has to take care of his people from the treat of the English soldiers. They were attacked not long ago and now they are trying to rebuild the keep to keep them safe. Alex is wise and far sighted except to his own wife. He's a good father too. And no doubt Laren is a great mom. She will do anything, without being timid or shy, in order to save her child.   

Seduced by Her Highland Warrior is a story about trust, honesty and be supportive. I enjoy reading it very much. I rate it 4 out of 5 stars.

Note: I receive the ARC of this book from the publisher via Net Gallery. I was not required to write a positive review. The opinions I have expressed are my own.

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